Vigie Control Panel

Vigie is a system designed to control and manage wastewater pumping stations. ipad

This product was developed to streamline operator tasks and eliminate errors as well as ensure that stations operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The human-machine interaction occurs with the help of a native application depending on the device and the computing platform of your choice:

  • Smart phone (iOS, Android)
  • Tablet (iOS, Android)
  • Secure connection (VPN) Cellular / Wi-Fi
This advanced system has the following functional features:
  • Overflow supervision and management.
  • Motor supervision.
  • Automatic pump calibration.
  • Display of motor data.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling for pumping stations.
  • Registry of completed and/or postponed preventive maintenance.
  • Management of level regulator failures.
  • Management of pump alternation and replacement.
  • Level regulation control by floats or level transmitter. (CONFIGURABLE)
  • Alarm history.
  • Data archiving on flash cards or through a network.
  • Hardware bypass in the case of PLC failure.
  • Alarm transmission by text message or email (cellular or web).
Installing Vigie is easy and fast with the help of your local electrician:
  • No programming required
  • Simple and instinctive configuration

Vigie is a solution that provides more effective, profitable supervision of your pumping applications and adapts to all kinds of installations, whether new or existing.